What is the Shipping methods at banggood.com? guarantee?

Chủ đề: What is the Shipping methods at banggood.com? guarantee?

We are talking about one of the main Chinese e-commerce in the tech field (but not only). In this guide we will explain how to buy on BangGood, how his works warranty, which shipment choose when buying and how avoid the customs.

As always it will be necessary register on the site. It will be after you have logged in, in fact, that you can use i coupon that you can find on the appropriate Telegram channel di BangGood Italy. In this channel, managed by the staff of saleducks in collaboration with BangGood, you will find all offers updated in real time with discount codes and flash promotion.

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Common Banggood Shipping Methods

Banggood has a variety of shipping methods, the options available to you are frequently changing and vary based on the following things.

Warehouse China or Hong Kong

In case you make a purchase on BangGood you need to know that they are available mainly 5 shipping types. These vary depending on the type of product, availability and the warehouses of origin may be Hong Kong or China. If present, we recommend Priority Direct European, as it is free of customs and faster.

AirParcel Register:

  • no duties if you purchase customs warehouse CN or HK
  • free from stock HK / 2-3 euro from CN warehouse
  • 7-35 working days via Poste Italiane
  • recommended for small and / or low value items

Priority Direct Mail:

  • free of customs duties
  • about 2 / 5 euro
  • 10-15 working days via Poste Italiane

European Direct Mail:

  • free of customs duties
  • about 2 / 3 euro
  • 7-15 working days via GLS
  • available for heavy objects (robots, notebooks, etc.)

EMS Express Mail Service:

  • subject to customs
  • variable cost (around or above the 10 euro)
  • 7-15 working days via Poste Italiane

Expedited Shipping Service:

  • subject to customs
  • variable cost (around or above the 10 euro)
  • 5-8 working days via DHL
  • recommended if you want faster shipping

Europe warehouse

Alternatively, you can also make purchases through the European warehouses through Official site. For the moment there are no smartphones, so you can buy accessories, tools, smartwatch and so on. Purchasing from here the shipping options are different and with variable prices depending on the product, but above all they are all without customs.

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Can we change my shipping method after I order?

Once an item ships we cannot change the shipping method, we recommend you carefully select shipping when you order as there is only a small chance you can change the method. If you do want to change an unshipped order, contact us and we might be able to cancel the order (and you reorder with the correct method) or modify the shipping.

Waiting for your Banggood order to arrive?

Here is a common list of things you might think about when waiting for your Banggood order to arrive. We based these questions on the most common things our customer service get asked.

Why does my order have no tracking number?

Not all orders have a tracking number, check the details of your shipping method to make sure the method is tracked. If it is tracked, the tracking number is active when the item is handed over to the carrier.

Why does tracking take time to update?

Sometimes tracking can be slow to update, we use the most affordable tracked shipping carriers so the frequency of updates can vary depending on the time of year and destination. This allows Banggood to give you the most affordable/free shipping options.

Have you actually sent my order?

If your status is shipped, but your tracking is not showing any information yet, it is possible it is in transit to the final carrier. For some shipping methods, there is a process between our warehouse and the last carrier. This can cause the tracking to have no information. An example of this is with some express deliveries, the package is sent overland transport (national postal company trucks) before being handed over to the final tracked courier, this process can sometimes go between HongKong and Mainland China so there is also a customs clearance during this time. Each method has its own path so not all will follow this process.

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What about the shipping times posted on the product page?

This time is only an estimate based on the majority of orders. Most orders will arrive within this time, and on average yours should too. On some occasions, they do not and this is why we have an extended 60-day claims policy. We found if we refunded people at the estimated time, most of the time it would come just after that and the customer would end up paying us back. Waiting till 60 days means almost no claims unless it was lost or stolen during transit.

The 60-day policy

To allow for the delivery time we have a policy of only making a claim of non-delivery after 60 days for Chinese warehouse orders and 30 days for overseas warehouses*. This allows adequate time for delivery when events beyond our control occur. On some occasions, postal strikes, weather, delays at customs and other events can cause shipping to be slower than estimated.

Shipping times can be inconsistent

Shipping times can vary, so you might not always get the same delivery time, even if the orders ship from the same warehouse. The estimated time gives the best timeframe of when to expect delivery.

Customs want me to pay extra at the border!

After it arrives

Inspect and check the package, if there is any damage take photos and contact us within 3 days.

Write a review if you have tested the item and share your experience,

BangGood: how do they work and guarantee?

Whether you buy from China, Hong Kong or Europe, the warranty period is 12 months and is managed on Chinese territory. Shipping costs are split between the seller and the buyer e to this page you can find all the details about it. In the case of resoinstead, we talk about the timing of 3 days after delivery or 30 days after shipping if the delivery date is not traceable. Here you find it all the details about it.

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