What is the gearbest? Is it safe, legit or scam?🥇

Subject: What is the gearbest? Is it safe, legit or scam?

With competition for cheaper prices getting steeper by the day, many consumers are turning to overseas wholesale manufacturers to find affordable electronics, appliances, clothing, and accessories.

One of the most popular sites for buying wholesale electronics is GearBest, an overseas wholesale supplier dedicated to “providing an unparalleled selection of the very best gadgets, an unbeatable shopping experience, prompt shipping and exceptional customer service that exceeds expectations.”

With so many options for buying wholesale online, how do you know which sites are reliable and safe? GearBest may have some of the best prices, but is GearBest safe?. Even more—is GearBest reliable? Do GearBest reviews indicate a GearBest scam? Are there better GearBest alternatives to consider?

Many of these questions can be answered with a two-part process—examining the safety and reliability of the website, and looking through GearBest reviews to see if those features hold up.

In our GearBest review, we will look closely at the best—and worst—GearBest reviews from customers to help you determine if buying wholesale from GearBest is a good decision.

If you aren’t quite sure whether buying from GearBest is right for you, stick around—we will also look at the top GearBest competitors and GearBest alternatives for wholesale electronics, gadgets, clothing, and accessories.

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What is the GearBest.com?

GearBest is a Chinese company providing wholesale electronics, appliances, apparel, and accessories. Although they sell everything from wallets to dog supplies and even maxi dresses, GearBest is best known for their low prices on wholesale electronics like smart phones, laptops, smart watches, headphones, and more.

Their low wholesale prices make buying from GearBest an attractive option both for personal shoppers and resellers looking to purchase in larger quantities. Answering the question “Where is GearBest located?” is a little more complicated.

First, their domain name is registered under Hichina Zhicheng Technology LTD., an international wholesale supplier based in Shenzhen, China. On their website, however, their physical address is listed as Alicante, Spain.

Interestingly enough, our GearBest review found that this is the exact same address listed for other sites like GearBest, including Rosegal, Rosewholesale, Sammydress, and DressLily.

GearBest also lists multiple warehouse locations on their shipping page—China, Europe, Spain, and the United States, though the China-based warehouse seems to be the most widely used.

Based on the domain name registration and the address similarity between GearBest and GearBest alternatives, it’s safe to assume that the GearBest headquarters are located in Shenzhen, China.

Is GearBest Safe? Is GearBest Reliable or scam?

Before buying from GearBest—or sites like GearBest—it’s important to make sure that the site has both security and reliability.

This includes ensuring that your credit card will be your safe, personal information will not be shared, and that shipping times are reasonable and dependable.

Is GearBest Safe?

GearBest is certified as a secure shopping site by McAfee, meaning that users don’t have to worry about malware, malicious links, or phishing. For those asking “Is GearBest safe,” this is a good sign.

As an additional benefit, buying from GearBest qualifies shoppers for 90 days of free identify theft coverage up to $100,000. Activating this coverage is as simple as filling out a quick online form.

Payments are accepted via PayPal, allowing shoppers buying from GearBest to protect their credit card numbers. Additionally, GearBest states that their staff will never ask for your full credit card numbers or your PayPal login information.

With McAfee verification and payment processing via PayPal, GearBest is a safe site to purchase wholesale electronics, fashion apparel, and accessories.

Is GearBest Reliable?

One way to answer the question “Is GearBest reliable?” is to examine their shipping policies.

In a market where valuable e-commerce is often determined by fast shipping and dependable customer service, how does buying wholesale items from GearBest measure up?

Shipping Policies

GearBest has an extremely wide shipping reach across the globe—in fact, the only two countries that GearBest cannot ship to are South Sudan and Palestine.

There are four different shipping options to choose from when buying from GearBest:

  • Unregistered Air Mail
  • Registered Air Mail
  • Priority Line
  • Expedited Shipping

Interestingly, their shipping chart also provides percentages for successful deliveries within a certain timeframe.

For example, using Unregistered Air Mail or Registered Air Mail means that US customers have a 20.8% chance of delivery within 8-15 days. This percentage increases to a 60.9% chance that items will be delivered within 16-30 days.

Average shipping times for each method are as follows:

Unregistered Air Mail—19 days

  • Registered Air Mail—19 days
  • Priority Line—8 days
  • Expedited Shipping—4-9 days

Answering the questions, “Is GearBest reliable” or “Is GearBest trustworthy” will largely depend on your individual shopping needs.

For shoppers who don’t mind waiting up to a month for their package to arrive, buying wholesale electronics through GearBest does appear to be reliable.

If, however, having a 60.9% chance that items will arrive within 30 days does not instill shopping confidence, GearBest may not be a reliable option for you.

Although the shipping times are much longer than what the typical consumer might expect, GearBest does take the time to analyze and monitor average shipping times, which helps promote transparency when buying from GearBest.

What Do GearBest Reviews from Shoppers Say About the Company?

Although GearBest appears to be safe as far as processing payments and offering various shipping options, looking at GearBest reviews from actual customers is the best way to truly determine whether buying from GearBest is a good idea.

In this section, we’ll look at some of the best GearBest reviews and some of the most critical GearBest reviews to see if their wholesale electronics and apparel are worth purchasing.

GearBest Reviews on TrustPilot

TrustPilot gives GearBest a total rating of 7.4 out of 10, with over 77 percent of GearBest reviewers giving a full five stars.

Many shoppers mention attractively low prices, friendly customer service, and quality of items as their favorite components of buying from GearBest.

For example, in his GearBest review, user Sergey_Shuma says,

Gearbest.com is my favorite сhinese online store. It is the better products for the cheapest prices with the fast and almost free shipping. There are regular sales and special promotions. And if you have some problems customer support always give you the best solution.

See the image below for another example of a positive GearBest review from user Gerhard.

GearBest Reviews on SiteJabber

GearBest reviews on SiteJabber are generally positive as well, with nearly 4,500 reviewers and a 4-star rating.

One GearBest review states:

It’s been almost a year from my first order. Everything fine so far so good. I have ordered so many products in different categories such as Computer, electronic, Home electronic, phone accessories. Costumer service is working excellent and they answer within 24 hours. Products description and quality are perfect. I will definitely order in future as well.

In another GearBest review, user JOAO f says,

Since I met Gearbest, they’re the fist [sic] website that I look up when I’m plannig [sic]  to buy something, as they’re a store, and we don’t have to worry about buying from various “sellers”. The safety of the purchase is nice, don’t need international credit cards to buy and offers insurance on all orders. Following by the price that is very competitive, i prefer them.

So far I didn’t had any problems with my orders.

I suggest give it a try.

Do GearBest Reviews Point to a GearBest Scam?

As with any company, shoppers will have a range of positive and negative experiences. This is particularly true when buying wholesale electronics with GearBest and other sites like GearBest.

These sites tend to have a few characteristics in common that tend to generate a wide range of negative reviews—long shipping times, high customs fees, difficulties reaching customer service, and an inconvenient return process.

Although the resolution may not always be a satisfying one, the company does make an effort to respond to GearBest complaints and negative GearBest reviews, and those who leave positive GearBest reviews seem to truly enjoy buying from GearBest.

Still, with such a high frequency of GearBest complaints and an alert from the Better Business Bureau, buying wholesale electronics from GearBest should be approached with caution.

While your payment will be processed securely and the company does acknowledge that shipping times are longer than normal, the likelihood of having a convenient return process or helpful customer service if something goes wrong seems to be slim.

GearBest Alternatives & Sites Like GearBest

If you like the idea of buying wholesale electronics from overseas but aren’t sure if buying from GearBest is right for you, what GearBest alternatives can you choose from?

With an increased demand for wholesale prices, there are plenty of sites like GearBest that provide similar deals on a wide range of products.

In this section, we’ll briefly cover a few GearBest alternatives, including the types of products they sell, what makes these sites like GearBest, and what sets each GearBest alternative apart.

GearBest Alternative—Banggood

Banggood.com is one of the most popular sites like GearBest, and its wide range of products makes it a good GearBest alternative to consider. In total, there are over 70,000 items available on Banggood, including electronics, car accessories, clothing, accessories, and more.

Part of what makes Banggood an attractive GearBest alternative is their ability to allow customers to order specifically from their US-based warehouse.

While the inventory is smaller than that of the China-based warehouse, shipping times are cut down to 3-6 days, eliminating the frustration of lengthy shipping and return processes.

Like buying from GearBest, however, shoppers may want to approach Banggood with caution. This GearBest alternative also has an ‘F’ rating on the Better Business Bureau, with a total of 19 complaints.

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GearBest Alternative—AliExpress

AliExpress is another popular GearBest alternative, with a wide range of products including apparel, accessories, and wholesale electronics.

Although AliExpress falls under the umbrella of sites like GearBest, it is slightly different in that their products come from a variety of different sellers. Because each seller has different policies and procedures, AliExpress provides buyer guarantees for each purchase.

One of these guarantees includes a full refund if your order is not received within the specified time. Based on critical GearBest reviews, the ability to hold sellers responsible for delayed shipping may make AliExpress a great GearBest alternative.

GearBest Alternative—DHgate

Just like GearBest and other sites like GearBest, DHgate advertises an incredibly wide range of products at wholesale prices. Shoppers can find 33 million product listings on a global network of approximately 1.2 million sellers.

Although DHgate is a good GearBest alternative to consider, it is one of the best GearBest alternatives for shoppers who want to make bulk purchases, rather than buying one or two items at a time.

Many items on DHgate have minimum order quantities, which is not ideal for shoppers who are not planning on reselling those items.

For those who are planning on buying wholesale electronics and accessories in bulk and reselling, however, DHgate is a great GearBest alternative to consider.

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