What is PayPal.Me? How to get paid through PayPal.Me?

Subject: What is PayPal.Me? How to get paid through PayPal.Me?

PayPal.Me is a faster, easier way to get paid through PayPal. Just share your unique PayPal.Me link with your customers. They can simply tap on your link, type in the amount and confirm to pay. They don’t even have to know your email address or install the PayPal app! Your customers can also enjoy the benefit of PayPal Buyer Protection for their eligible transactions.

What is PayPal.Me and how does PayPal Me work?

PayPal Me launched in the US a few years back, and allows users with a PayPal account to create a customized link to send to friends, family, clients or customers, to request a payment.

It can be used both personally, and for your business. You might use this if you’re eating out with friends and want to pay back the person who covered the check, for example. Or, if you’re an entrepreneur or freelancer, you can use PayPal.Me to ask customers and clients to make a payment via PayPal.

You just create your personalized link and send it to whoever you want. You can either include a dollar amount you want to be paid, or leave it open — which could help, say if you’re collecting voluntary contributions towards a gift and everyone can give what they wish.

There are costs involved in using PayPal Me for business, though. And you may also run into fees if you use it personally, especially if there’s any currency conversion or international payment involved. More on that later.

How do I create my own PayPal.Me link?

Create your link here for free using your name or your business name (for example: paypal.me/johnsmith). If you don’t have a PayPal account yet, signup is fast and free.

Here’s how you can use PayPal.me to conveniently ask for money.

1.Go to paypal.me and sign into your account (alternatively, you can also go to paypal.com, sign in, go into your settings, and then click “Get PayPal.Me”).

How do I create my own PayPal.Me link

2.Click “Create PayPal.Me Profile.”

Click "Create PayPal.Me Profile

3.Add your desired personalized link.

Add your desired personalized link

Type your own personal link in the box. Devon Delfino/Business Insider

4.If it’s available, you’ll see a message in green below the text box. Click “Next.”

5. Click the box to agree to the terms and conditions, as well as the privacy policy, and then click “Agree and Create.”

Click the box to agree to the terms and conditions

6. Log into your PayPal account or sign up for a new one. When you receive money, it will be credited to your PayPal account, through which you can then pay for other transactions, or request a direct deposit into your bank account.

Log into your PayPal account

7. Check that your information is accurate.

Check that your information is accurate

8. Select a theme color. This step is optional.

Select a theme color. This step is optional.

9. Upload a picture. This is also optional, but useful for helping your friends identify you and reassuring them that they’re on the right page.

Upload a picture

10. Click Create Your PayPal.me.

Click Create Your PayPal.me

How do I share my PayPal.Me link?

You can type your PayPal.Me link in your preferred social media site/app, or send it through email or text message. To find your link, simply go to PayPal.Me page and click My PayPal.Me to log in.

Can I use PayPal.Me on my mobile device?

Of course. You can access your PayPal.Me link on mobile phones, desktop computers, and tablets.

Can you change a PayPal.Me link?

At present it’s not possible to change your PayPal Me username, so choose wisely. You can not delete your link either once it’s created, although you can hide it from public view if you want to stop using it.

PayPal Me can be a handy way to pay friends or family members for personal and shared expenses. However, if you’re making a payment — even domestically in the US — with a credit or debit card, there are fees to pay. And if the payment is international, or made for business purposes these charges can mount up very quickly.

If you’re looking for international money transfers without the costs involved with PayPal, you could be significantly better off if you use a specialist like TransferWise. Check out TransferWise today, and see what you could save.

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