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How to shopping at banggood to get more discounts🥇

Subject: How to shopping at banggood to get more discounts

When it comes to buying products from a China-based online shop we get many questions, like – is this site reliable? Will offered goods meet quality requirements? When will I get my ordered products? Will I have additionally to pay for customs, import taxes, or other fees? These questions may appear before or during shopping on Bangood. So in this post, I will answer and explain what do you need to know, when shopping on Banggood.

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Banggood is carrying international e-commerce services

 👉👉Website: https://www.banggood.com

Banggood is carrying international e-commerce services for more, than 14 years. It is focused on cross-border online shopping, which is concentrated on costumer. Banggood’s mottos “Best bang for your buck” and “Good life doesn’t cost a fortune” mean that you will get high-quality goods, that are on exclusive deals and special promotions. Banggood has more than 37 overseas warehouses, delivers to more than 200 countries and has more than 40 different secure payment methods.

Banggood is committed to these guarantees and services:

  • 7 days DOA (Dead On Arrival) product guarantee.
  • If an item, that you received is damaged, different or not working, you can choose to replace or refund it.
  • 14 days No reason Return.
  • If you don’t like the received item, you can return it and get a refund – the price of the item minus shipping fees.
  • 180 days quality guarantee for most items.
  • If an item stops working or has other issues it will be repaired, replaced or refunded.
  • 1-year free repair for specific products.
  • Products like electric scooters/bicycles, mobile phones, computers, and tablets are covered by a 1-year quality warranty.
  • 24/7 customer service.

Top places to get discounts at Banggood?

With over 100,000 products and hundreds of categories, there are thousands of product discounts at any time. On top of regular discounts, we also have coupons, points, and flash deals so you have a mountain of savings waiting for you. Here are the top spots to get hot Banggood discounts.

Coupons page

Banggood coupon discounts are available on the hot coupons page in your user center. All public and “grabbed” coupons are conveniently shown here.

Flash deals

The best deals of the hour are on our flash deals page, this constantly updated list offers hot prices on limited quantities of items. If you crave the rush when you get a bargain, you’ll love Banggood’s flash deals.

Refer a friend

Earn rewards by referring your friends to join Banggood, it’s a win-win promotion, you save $3 and your friend saves $10.

VIP Deals

If you are part of our VIP program you already get some exclusive benefits, but there is also an exclusive monthly VIP page that launches the second Wednesday of every month.


The Banggood points you collect every time you buy something, make a review, or post a photo can be used to discount your next order at the checkout. During checkout, click the redeem points button and save up to 15% on your order.


Be the first to get the latest Xiaomi phone and other hot products on our pre-order page. Order it now, and when it arrives it will ship directly to you. Preorder is the page for you if you love making reviews or being the first to try something new. See all preorder items.

Email promotion page

If you are not part of our email newsletter, you can still see all our major promotions on the EDM (electronic digital mail) page.

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Banggood shipping cod for South East Asia

Banggood has launched cash on delivery in Southeast Asia. If you are in Asia and looking to order, there is a new payment method called Cash On Delivery (COD). It’s a safe and easy way to pay.

How does Southeast Asia cash on delivery work?

  • Add items to your cart;
  • Choose Cash on Delivery Mail as the shipping method;
  • Choose Cash On Delivery (COD) payment;
  • We confirm the delivery details and then send the order to you;
  • You pay the courier when the item is delivered to you.

What countries support COD?

Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, vietnam and the Philippines* are currently supported by our Southeast Asia COD.

Can I order any item with COD?

No, COD is a special service and available for certain items only. Items are tagged with COD if compatible.

Benefits of Southeast Asia Cash On Delivery

You don’t need a credit card to buy from China.

It is worry free as your money stays with you until it is delivered.

The courier must hand the item to you personally, so there is no risk of it being lost or stolen.

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