How to choose the right size on shein when shopping?

Subject: How to choose the right size on shein when shopping?

Shein is a Chinese company, we know that the size of  Asian clothing  will be smaller than  the west country, a lot of reader response that  when received clothes which is very good-looking, but the relatively small size, can’t wear, too sad.

Today, I will tell you how to find your best size on shein, I hope after you read the article, you can find your best size easy.

How to find the right size?

As we know, clothing sizes are a little larger than the actual human body size. When women purchase clothing, the bust size of the clothes should  be 2-4 inches larger than the physical body size. Similarly, the bust size of men’s clothing should be 4-6 inches larger than the body size, and the clothing waist size between 0.8 to 1.6 inches larger than the body size.

You can tile the most comfortable clothes which you usually wear, measuring the bust waist hips, and other areas, and then compare the measurements to the size chart. Simply select the nearest size.

Two common mistakes

When you Choose clothing on shein, two common mistakes you may have them:

1) Choosing the size based only on your height or weight, both must be accurate.

2) Simply choosing the size which you normally wear comfortably.

Please remember there are thousands of clothing manufacturers. Due to different measurement systems, there may be slight variations in size standards. Both methods can lead to incorrectly fitting clothes.

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Steps to choose your size at

Don’t know your size? Our size guide help you find the best fit!

1/ Where is the size guide displayed?

Just click on the ‘Size Guide’ button on each product page to find out the measurements which you can view in centimeters and inches, and how to measure to make sure it fits perfectly.

2/ Where can find sizing recommendations?

You’ll also see our ‘Check My Size’ button on some product pages

Our Fit Finder will ask for information such as your height, age and weight to help you choose the right size when you order.

When you’re logged in, you’ll then see a size recommendation on some product pages, best matched to the information you’ve provided.

3/ Where is the size of Model displayed?

Just click on the ‘SIZE & FIT’ button on each product page to find out the model’s size and measurements.

In a word, I think you can make a good choice of your size. If you have any questions, you can write a comment.

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