How to choose the best gearbest shipping option for your order

Subject: How to choose the Best gearbest Shipping Option for your Order

Among all the excitement that online shopping brings, one thing that takes some bit of the fun away is shipping. Not that there is anything wrong with “shipping” per se, but the time you have to anxiously wait for your order to arrive. Although online shopping makes up for this by the comfort and endless option it provides. You can buy anything from anywhere in the world without leaving the comfort of your home.

Like any big and global online store will do, GearBest provides you with multiple shipping options for your convenience. How fast and how much you want to pay for shipping depends on you.

Understanding the different shipping options available at GearBest is the key to knowing how to choose the best shipping option for your order and that is what we will be looking at in this article.


Select the best GearBest Shipping Methods

GearBest is a true global online store because the ship to almost all countries and they give you four options to choose from when it comes to shipping. Here are the shipping options available on GearBest:

1/ Unregistered Air Mail

This is a free shipping option and it is available for all products and most countries that GearBest ships to but also the slowest in terms of delivery time. Items shipped with Unregistered Air Mail can take more than a month (for some countries) to reach your doorstep.

Another disadvantage of the Unregistered Air Mail is that you won’t get any tracking number which means you won’t have any idea of where your parcel is at any point in time. This can be a problem when your order didn’t arrive because it will be harder to track thereby making it take longer for customer service to resolve the issue.

This shipping method is best for low cost items and for orders that are not urgent.

You should also note that although you won’t pay any shipping fee to GearBest, local shipping fees and import custom fees may apply depending on your country.

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2/ Registered Air Mail

This is the next shippest option. Still takes a bit long but more convenient and less of a hassle because you will get a tracking number for your shipped order.

Normally orders over $30 will be automatically switched to Registered Air Mail. Delivery time for this option can take anywhere form 10 to 30 business days depending on your location.

This option is best if you order isn’t urgent but you want more safety.

3/ Priority Line

A faster shipping option. A little more expensive than the former but still very affordable. Takes anywhere from 7 to 15 days for US, Europe, Australia and most countries and 10 to 25 days for Russia. You also get a tracking number for this option which means you can know where your parcel is at any point in time.

This option is best for orders that are not too urgent but you still want them to arrive as soon as possible.

4/ Expedited Shipping

The fastest shipping option that GearBest provides. With this option, you can get your order to your doorsteps within few days. Usually in less than a week depending on your location and the location of the warehouse the order is being shipped from. Needless to say that it cost a lot more than the options.

This option is recommended for high-value items and for very urgent orders.

It is important to note that GearBest shipping fees does not include import duty fees that may apply for some countries.

Pro tip: Make sure to choose delivery from a local warehouse (when available) or choose a warehouse that is closest to your location. This will bring shipping cost and delivery time down.

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Below is a picture that shows the different estimated delivery time for different options and different countries.


When it comes to GearBest shipping, how fast you want your order to be delivered to you depends on you and your budgets. Use any option that is most convenient to you. If you still have any question regarding GearBest shipping, you can drop it in the comment below.

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