How to apply banggood promo code & discount code

Subject: How to apply banggood promo code & discount code

How to buy goods on Banggood cheap! In the previous article, I also introduced you about the ecommerce site, can you say this is an online selling page quite famous for their service style? Unlike other online sales sites, the items here are sold and warranted by Banggood itself, everything from supplies, quality control, product warranty and return are due to them. done by themselves.

How to apply banggood promo code & voucher code

Ok to purchase on Banggood you need to have an account on their e-commerce site, to register for an account please visit this link, and then follow the instructions in this article.

1/ Start to order

After registering an account and completing the information successfully, you can proceed to purchase on Banggood by. From the Banggood homepage you can type in the search box for the product you want to buy, or you can select the corresponding categories on Banggood.

After selecting the appropriate product, you have 2 options:

  • Add to cart: Use this feature if you want to buy more products
  • Buy now: Conduct payment procedures to purchase

Here, I select “Add to cart” a window appears, click “Continue shopping” to select other products.

After selecting the product, click the “view Cart & check out” icon and view the cart.

You will now be directed to the information page for the items you have purchased.

Click “Proceed to Check“, to review the invoice, total amount and delivery settings.

2/ Shipping Address

3/ Use discount code

Note: You should check the box “Shopping insurance” so that when there is a problem, you will be refunded, the refund amount you can use to buy products on Banggood.


Next you can use the banggood discount code by checking the account icon and selecting “My coupon”. Now you will see a lot of discount codes, depending on the type of discount code that you can apply to each product.

After using the discount code, your bill will be reduced accordingly.

Ok, got it Once done, select the payment method. Banggood provides forms of payment such as Paypal, international payment card, Google Pay. However, the simplest you should use Paypal to pay.

4/ Pay on Banggood

Select Paypal, click “Place Order” and you will be asked to login to your Paypal account. Okey after logging in, you proceed to payment is.

After payment is complete, Banggood will give you a code to check the status of goods.

5/ Monitoring Banggood orders

To check your order into your account area, select “My Orders”, select “Shipping” to track your order.

In the order section, click “Order details” to see how the order process has been processed.

As you can see above is the Banggood order processing process.

You can copy the order code and go to to check the status of your order.

Or you can check it in your order management section on Banggood.

Have you ever made a purchase on Banggood? Please leave your comments below. If you have any questions or assistance with buying on Banggood you can leave a comment for your answer.

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