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Subject: Greengeeks Discounts, Coupons, promos & offers Code 70% Off

Get the top hosting Greengeeks coupon code from Saleducks with the latest deals and offers. You can opt for Greengeeks because you will get 30 days Money Back Guarantee too. So, there is no risk for trying Greengeeks. You can check and verify whether the types of hosting is suitable for your website or not. Also, there will be a maximum offer up to 80% off for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. So don’t ever forget to check the latest offers.

Going online with your app or a new business venture is the new way in the age of the internet. Going online has lots of advantages and you can easily reach a much wider audience in a much more easily. GreenGeeks is one of those hosting service providers that can help you with such an endeavor. The best thing about GreenGeeks is that they believe in Green Hosting. This is an interesting idea wherein they revert 3 times the power consumed by them back to the grid. This is done through their support of the Bonneville Environment Foundation who is a pioneer at creating renewable energy resources. Discounts & Offers code


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GreenGeeks Current Offers and Promo

If you partner up with GreenGeeks now, then you can easily tap into a plethora of discounts and offers. They are giving away their amazing services at special, discounted services, and web hosting or WordPress hosting begins at as low as $2.95 per month instead of the usual $9.95 per month. Such tremendous GreenGeeks coupon discounts and deals are available on all the services they provide.

GreenGeeks Free Trial Account

When you start your account at GreenGeeks and get online with your site you get a plethora of benefits. A 30-day trial period is one of those. If you are unhappy with their services, then you can ask for and will be given a full refund within 30 days of initial purchase.

Popular Green Geeks Promo Codes & Sales

Discount Description
PROMO CODE 25% Off Deal Right Now
$30 OFF $30 Off Annual Hosting Plans
$30 OFF $30 Off EcoSite Hosting
$5 OFF $5 Off Domain Coupon
20% OFF 20% Off GreenGeeks Web Hosting + Free Domain Name With Each Purchase

GreenGeeks Pricing Details

  • Web Hosting
Lite $2.95 Single website; app-installer; unlimited web space; free domain name in 1st year; PowerCacher.
Pro $5.95 Unlimited websites; app-installer, 2 times performance; unlimited data transfer.
Premium $11.95 Similar to Lite and Pro plans with 4x performance and Free dedicated IP address.
  • Reseller Hosting
RH-25 $29.95 60GB SSD; 600GB transfer; 25 cPanel Accounts; SSL certificates
RH-50 $39.95 80GB SSD; 800 GB transfer; 50 cPanel Accounts.
RG-80 $59.95 160 GB SSD; 1600 GB transfer; 80 cPanel Accounts.
  • VPS Hosting
2GB $39.95 4 vCPU; 50 GB SSD; 10 TB transfer
4 GB $59.95 4 vCPU; 75 GB SSD; 10 TB transfer
8 GB $109.95 6 vCPU; 150 GB SSD; 10 TB transfer
  • WordPress Hosting
Lite $2.95 1 website; WordPress install at 1 click; unlimited web space; unlimited data transfer; free domain name in 1st year
Pro $5.95 Similar to Lite with unlimited websites and 2X performance.
Premium $11.95 Similar to lite with unlimited websites. 4x performance and a free dedicated IP address

GreenGeeks Hosting Services

GreenGeeks is a hosting service provider. They provide you with the relevant servers that will help you to go online with your business idea. You may also find some GreenGeeks coupon codes that will help you with going online easily in a cost-effective manner.

They provide managed hosting services which are an amazing thing as you do not have to worry about the maintenance of the server at all. They will regularly update and upgrade the hardware, modify the software, improve the security features from time to time, and all of these will be a part of the plan that you take.

When you want to take on a hosting service with GreenGeeks, you are given a choice between four options- Web Hosting, VPS Hosting, Reseller Hosting, and WordPress Hosting.

About GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks is a server hosting platform that will allow your app or website to go online easily and without any hindrance. They have data centers located strategically at 5 different places- Chicago, Toronto, Phoenix, Amsterdam, and Montreal.

GreenGeeks holds a staff of IT experts who are available to help you out with any difficult 24×7, throughout the year.

Launched in 2008, the sole motto of GreenGeeks has been to provide free web-hosting solutions. They have made it a point to be able to give back 3 times the power they are consuming to maintain all the servers.

Thus the services they provide are not only lightning-fast and excellent but also eco-friendly. They have tied up with Bonneville Environmental Foundation who is producing energy from renewable sources in their attempt to provide Green Hosting solutions to more than 150 countries.

Types of App Hosting in GreenGeeks

There are 4 different kinds of hosting services that are provided by GreenGeeks, namely, Web, Reseller, VPS, and WordPress Hosting.

  • Web Hosting: Web Hostingis the general idea of hosting wherein a website is crafted and uploaded into the internet by means of a hosting service provider.  The different types of hosting plans are all web hosting plans wherein you are allowed certain advantages while also having certain restrictions.
  • Reseller Hosting: This is the kind of wen hosting service wherein you are allowed to host third party websites through the hardware and bandwidth allocated to you. In simpler terms, you are allowed to resell the resources which are given to you for your profit. You have to likely buy the resources at wholesale and can distribute it among your customers as you deem fit or as they demand.
  • VPS Hosting:In VPS Hosting or Virtual Private Server Hosting, you are given your own set of hardware and accompanying software applications, albeit in a virtual environment. This is a kind of shared hosting wherein the hardware available with GreenGeeks is segmented and a virtual emulation of this segmented hardware is generated. The virtual emulation serves as a separate hardware entity for you wherein you can upgrade or downgrade it and do anything within it to support your website.
  • WordPress Hosting:A type of hosting service that is crafted in such a manner that it can easily run any WordPress site.

GreenGeeks Black Friday or Cyber Monday Discount

When you are talking about Black Friday or Cyber Monday discount, various coupon sites provided almost 75% discount on coupon codes to make it a lucrative deal.

Why Choose GreenGeeks Hosting?

GreenGeeks has brought together an array of amazing options that makes them shine out. Some of the most amazing features and resources that you can tap into at GreenGeeks are listed as follows:

  • SSD storage system that allows for superfast access of the memory whenever you need them.
  • PowerCacher, MariaDB, CDN, PHP7, etc. are the best speed technologies.
  • Scale the hardware as you like with easy options under VPS.
  • High-end security options.
  • A hosting platform with 99.9% of uptime and you can choose the 0.01% downtime to your convenience.
  • 24×7 support from experts throughout the year.

GreenGeeks Short Review

GreenGeeks is a terrific hosting service provider that has been in effect since 2008. Over the years they have spread to more than 150 countries and have over 45,000 odd users. Their data centers are located in 5 regions- Chicago, Toronto, Phoenix, Amsterdam, and Montreal. This allows them to efficiently deal with all the inflowing and outflowing of Dara without the crashing of websites even under pressure. The GreenGeeks services are not only cost-effective but also eco-friendly because of their association with Bonneville Environment Foundation, who create energy from renewable sources. Thus the net contribution of GreenGeeks is the addition of energy to the grid as the give back 3 times the energy that they use off the grid.

GreenGeeks Key Features

  • Fast SSD storage option.
  • Speedy technologies for fast website operations.
  • Expert IT professionals giving 24×7 support.
  • High-end website security.
  • Managed server hosting services.

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