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9 tips and tricks to shopping on Shein.com For Saving Money

Subject: 9 tips and tricks to shopping on Shein.com For Saving Money

Shopping on Shein and other bargain sites can be a gamble if you don’t do your homework. Read on for my completely Shein Shopping Guide that will help you score great items for a total bargain!

Knowing that the clothes would be coming from China, naturally, I knew they were going to be a few sizes smaller than I’m used to. After braving my first order and coming away with SO MANY new dresses that I loved, I was definitely a convert. Now, I regularly use the site for holiday clothes and affordable items that I know I’m not going to get anywhere else.

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Here are my 9 tips and tricks to shopping on Shein:

If you’re worried about finding plus size clothing on Shein.com but you really want to make an order, here are a couple of my best tips:

Refrain From Buying Items that Don’t Have Photo Reviews

SheIn incentivizes its customers to write reviews and upload pictures of the items which is great.  You get Shein Points that you can cash in for discounts on future purchases.  While the written reviews can provides some insight, it’s the reviews that include photos that are EVERYTHING.  These are real customers like you wearing the items so you can see exactly how they fit.  Some people also post pictures of the items up close, which gives you a good idea of what the material is really like.

Crappy fabric is usually the biggest detractor from buying on cheap online sites.  There have been times I have been so excited about a piece and then I see a picture in the reviews and it’s a definite no-go.  If the fabric looks cheap, wrinkly, see-thru, etc. and I know it’s a pass.   While unfortunately not all items have reviews, they are constantly being added.

This generally applies to their new arrivals.  My advice is hold out and let someone else be the guinea pig.  If I find something I think I am going to love and there is no review, I check back in a couple of weeks.  Most of the time my patience pays off and there are reviews with photos that makes my decision super easy.

View Items in ALL Colors

This applies to ALL online shopping. If an item is available in multiple colors, check the pictures of the item in each color. Items in darker colors usually photograph better and hide any flaws or “cheap factors” in the fabric and materials. Again, there have been times I found things I fell in love with that looks great in pictures, but then I go and check it in another color and see the fabric looks wrinkly, cheap etc.

Another HUGE reason to view items in other colors is because SHEIN shares customer reviews by each item color. For example, there might be NO reviews for an item in red, but 100 reviews with pictures for the same exact item in black. You only find this out when you switch over to another color online, so make sure you check every time!

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Check the Fabric and Material Description

Okay these clothes are cheap for a reason; they are mostly made with low quality fabrics, AKA polyester. Always check the description and materials its made with. If an item is a little more expensive than similar ones, it’s most likely because it’s made with a better-quality fabric. Usually that fabric is a polyester/cotton mix, however I have gotten lucky and found items made with 100% cotton. To me, the quality is worth the few extra bucks.

Set Your Expectations Accordingly

Again, this is an “affordable” website, so don’t expect designer high quality. SheIn is great for tops, dresses, and skirts, but I tread carefully with items like pants, swimwear, jumpsuits, shoes, etc. where a great fit is key. Also, these aren’t made to last forever. I usually purchase trendy items that I know I will only wear for about a year or I am buying for a specific event like a vacation or festival.

Compare Measurements

Back to the doll-like sizing claims – I personally have never experienced a sizing problem. I do think sizing problems occurred more frequently a few years back, but SheIn has since addressed this issue and made modifications to compete in the US market. However, DISCLAIMER – since I am petite (5’1) I could be totally bias J.

If you are not petite like me and worried about this, again read the reviews, they include fit. I also suggest comparing the measurements to a similar item on a higher-end site like REVOLVE, Shopbop, etc. SheIn publishes all of their measurements so this is really easy to do.  If you know you are a medium in Revolve, and Shein has comparable measurements, go for it!

Petites, Check the Kids Sizes!

Unforunately, SheIn does not have petite sizes, but I figured out this little trick by accident about a month ago. I was looking at a pair of pants and saw at the bottom of the page what I thought was the same exact pair in “ View similar items.” When I clicked on it, I figured out it was in fact the same item but….in girl’s sizes.

The pants were $3 cheaper in kid’s sizes so I got curious and checked the measurements. The girls size 160 was just slightly smaller than the Women’s Small. The only place it was smaller, was in the length which is exactly what I needed. I decided to take the risk and ordered the girl’s size instead. They ended up fitting great.  If you are petite and you find an item you like in women’s, I recommend checking to see if they have the same item in Girl’s sizes. If they have it, most likely you will find it to be a better fit at an even cheaper price.

Shipping – Uncheck the Insurance Box

I think shipping is something else SheIn has stepped up its game with to complete in the US Market. I have placed about 15 separate orders from SheIn and NEVER waited more than 6 days for delivery. In fact, most of my orders arrive in 4-5 business days, faster than many US retailers. They also have really good tracking details so you are able to see exactly where/when an item is estimated to be delivered. However, one thing they try nail you on, if you are not carefully, is insurance. When you get to the checkout page, there is a little checkbox automatically selected for $2.99 shipping insurance. I always uncheck this box and save the money. I have never had a problem with any of my orders arriving.

Look for Promo Codes

Again, this applies to ALL online retailers.  Don’t buy anything online without looking for one.  SheIn usually has one advertised on the homepage of their site, but I suggest doing a Google search for one too. I can often find a code for 20-30% off living somewhere on the web.  Check out at least 5 promo code sites to see which one can give you the best deal before checking out.

Returns are Pretty Standard

SheIn does accept returns, but I’ve never returned item. To be honest, there’s a couple I’ve wanted to, but didn’t out of sheer laziness. The items cost roughly $10 so the cost/benefit didn’t outweigh the hassle for me. SheIn outlines it’s return policy pretty thoroughly here. It’s pretty standard to other clothing retailers’ policies. They do not pay for return shipping; however, your first returned item is free which is nice.

Other cheap online sites I occasionally shop on are PrettylittleThing, BooHoo, and GoJane. I find these sites to be slightly more expensive for the same quality. Also, the reviews are limited to non-existent which usually deters me. I will be highlighting and reviewing more items from Shein in my upcoming posts, so stay tuned.

Tips For Saving Money On Shein.Com

If you’re also looking to save money whilst ordering on Shein.com, I’ve picked up a couple of tips and tricks in this area too:

Review Products To Earn Points

Although the points don’t add up to much, reviewing products that you have ordered will help save you money off your next order. If you want to gain the maximum amount of points, you should aim to attach a photo to each review.

Points don’t last forever, so you might want to save reviewing your previous order until just before you make your next one.

Sign Up To Their Newsletter For Daily Deals

Whilst daily emails can get annoying, I love seeing what deals they have to offer to newsletter subscribers. Whether 10% off or £30 off orders £130 or higher, it’s well worth signing up to their emails if you’re going to be making regular orders.

Wait For A Deal Or Offer To Be On

Although there is nearly always a deal or offer on, often they have MEGA deals. I think one of the best I found was 30% off orders over £90, which meant I got around £140 worth of clothes for just £95.

The best thing to do is check back to the site regularly, signing up to their newsletter for more information.

I find that putting items in my basket and saving them for big sales is the best way to makes shopping with Shein.com as easy as I possibly can. If I check back every week and add a few items here and there, it’s not long until a deal pops up and I can order.

Don’t Pay For Express Delivery

Finally, I wouldn’t recommend paying for express delivery as most of the time, it doesn’t arrive on time. For the sake of three days difference, you’re saving yourself £12.

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